Undergraduate Program

Total credits for graduation: 128, including 28 credits of General Education Courses, 57 credits of Required Courses, 15 credits of Professional Elective Courses, 28 credits of Free Elective Courses, 0 credits of physical education, and one credit of 4 service-learning courses.

Courses Credits Regulation
Professional Required Courses 57 The course has to be offered by our department teacher. Only with the permission of teachers, you can choose the courses from other department.
Professional Elective Courses 15 The course has to be offered by our department teacher. If Students take exceeded credits, it can be counted as free elective courses.
Free Elective Courses 28 Students can take professional required courses or courses from other department (included education courses). However, students who applied The applied Language Studies (Certificate Program) ,the courses in this program can not be counted graduation credit.

Other Minimum Threshold

Students need to finish the items below before graduation

1. take 4 Physical Education (0 credit)
2. take 1 Service-Learning (0 credit)
3. complete prescribed service hours from General Education Center.
4. pass Information aptitude test.
5. pass English proficiency test.

Course Description

1. Program certificate application

When students finish the program , they can apply program certification to department office with transcript of all semesters, graduation qualification sheet, program application. Students also can apply the scholarship of Go Get Osome.

2. undergraduate student can take MBA courses

undergraduate student also can take MBA courses under the permission of the teachers who offer the course.

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