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ProgramCore Courses
Innovation and Organizational Management ProgramIntroduction of International Business, Statistics II, Analysis of Industry and Competition, Reading in Business News I&II, Leadership, Humanity Thinking and Creativity, Compensation Management, Performance Evaluation, International Financial Management, Managerial Economics, Talents Management in Service Industry, Primary Accounting II, Managerial Science(MBA), International Business(MBA), Training and Development(MBA), Financial Management for Non-profit Organizations(MBA), Case study of International Business(MBA)
Marketing and E-commerce Management ProgramConsumer Behavior, Brand Management, Advertising Management, Marketing Planning, Project Management, Primary Accounting II, Statistics II, Placement Management(MBA), Creative Thinking and Marketing(MBA), E-commerce and Global Logistics(MBA), Online Marketing(MBA), Database Marketing(MBA), Enterprise Resources Planning(MBA)
Operation and Decision Management ProgramPrimary Accounting II, Statistics II, Managerial Economics, Simulation, Managerial Science(MBA), Decision Analysis(MBA), Systematic Thinking(MBA), Corporate Momentum(MBA), Enterprise Resources Planning(MBA)

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