The Department of Business Administration of National Chung Cheng University (CCUBA) was established in August, 1991. CCUBA is the first one established in college of management. It offered Bachelor Program in 1993, Ph.D. Program in 1997, In-service Master Program in 1999, and then Master Program in Marketing in 2003, the full name become to “Department of Business Administration(Master Program in Business Administration、In-service Master Program in Business Administration, Doctoral Program in Business Administration, Master Program in Marketing)CCUBA is the Highest level of Educational Institution of Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan areas in Taiwan.

    The first founder president was Dr. Yung-Cing, Ho (1991.8-1996.7). Succeeding presidents are Dr. BO-SONG, CIOU (1996.8-1999.7),Dr. De-Shun, Huang(1999.8-2001.7), Dr. Jing-De, Hong(2001.9-2004.7), Dr. Chang-Ruei ,Ai(2004.8-2007.7), Dr. Ya-Ciou, Liou(2007.8-2009.7), Dr. SHIH-BIN ,CHEN(2009.8-2012.7), Dr. YA-HUEI, LIAN (2012.8-2018.8), and current president Dr.Hsien-Jui, Chung(2018.9-). All the years, We have excellent teaching staff and continuously revise courses to be both professional and diversified. We also keep encouraging our teachers to evolve in scholarly research and education, and put effort on developing teaching and researching device. In sum, We are emerging , lively, promising department. Compared with other campus, Our features are innovation and vitality.

    On the perspective of CCU on the international situation, it has a special position. It is away from the urban disturbance which might interfere our thinking. However, it won’t lead to a single mode of thinking. Like some international elite school , We provide a broad space and great environment for our students. In this environment, we absolutely can develop and enhance student’s professional capacity, anti-stress and future competitiveness.

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