Activities of CCUBA's Students' Association

The department's Students' Association organize events regularly throughout the scholastic year as the following:
Fall Semester District-orientation party, New students welcoming ceremony, Opening ceremony, Orientation Camp, New students Cup for ball games, School Sport Day competitions, Cheer-leading Contest, Sports events between departs, Choir singing contest, Annual ceremony.
Spring Semester Opening ceremony, Corporate Visits, BA cup Ball games, BA-Week Events, BA karaoke competition, Mentors-students gathering, Senior students' experience sharing seminars, Annual ceremony, Senior students' farewell party, BA Camp for high school students.
External events Organize and participate in various inter universities' competitions.

The department's Students' Association also organize ball games, and other activities for alumni and current students.

The undergraduate hosted a karaoke completion.
There were crowed and jubilant.
The Student Association of the Department
hosted a taking-a-ugly-picture competition
on Halloween.

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